TobaCamp Announces AARP Discounts



If you are considering a retirement club for auto insurance, discounts, travel, and more, AARP is a great place to turn. In addition to offering great auto insurance, from the Hartford (which is a trusted insurance provider), I have also used many of the great discount programs and listings that continually turn up. Not only is my insurance premium lower than what I paid through an individual insurer prior to transferring, I also have many great discounts, bonus points, and saving options available, for shopping, dining out, travel, and more.

The discounts
I enjoy the AARP membership discount offerings. They are consistently adding new retailers, restaurants, hotels, and airlines to the list, of ways you can save. I have recently used my membership discount to save on the price of a flight and hotel stay when visiting family out of state. I can receive discounts (20% off the bill) when dining out at many local restaurants. Movie tickets, many local retailers, and various health products purchased at the health food store are also available for less, by simply showing my AARP card at the checkout register.

Redeem points
In addition to the savings in stores, restaurants, and travel, you can also receive bonus points each time that you shop with certain retailers. Many are on the list which is constantly changing (including: Nike, Macys, Staples, etc), and each time you make a purchase through these retailers, you receive points. You can later redeem these points for discounts, or for free merchandise, if you compile enough points for certain items at the retailers and online merchants they are accepted at.

Charitable causes
AARP is also great at helping charitable causes. The organization provides funds and resources for education and improving the quality of schools, it focuses on end hunger programs and campaigns, and more. And, as a member, you receive discounts when you visit the auto shop, you can even receive discounts on the price you pay at the gas pump, by simply using your AARP card. ¬†They had an LTC insurance program but recently cancelled it from what I’ve heard. ( has a good post)

There are countless reasons to become a member. I love the lower price that I pay on my insurance premium, and the great deals I can find when dining out or shopping online. With new retailers, restaurants, and discounted merchants constantly being added to the list, you are not only going to love the membership benefits, but the great savings you will find, anywhere you shop with your membership card.

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