The Most Effective Method to Show More Popular Articles in Joomla Backend

In Joomla Backend, there is a rundown with the 5 most well known Joomla articles that will give you a speedy outline on the most famous articles on your Joomla site. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which you need to demonstrate more than 5 articles. This article gives you the arrangement.


So the issue is that I need to demonstrate more than 5 prominent articles.


The arrangement

The answer for the issue is quite straightforward. The Top 5 Popular Articles is really a module, much the same as numerous different modules in Joomla. So you can alter the module, by first setting off to the backend and afterward pick Extensions and Module Manager.

Presently in the first drop down menu, you ought to change from just demonstrating Site modules to show Administration modules:



At that point, you are going to scan for the module that speaks to the Top 5 most mainstream articles. So simply sort “Popular” in the search felt and snap enter or Search.



At that point tap on the connection of the module: Popular articles and you are presently prepared to alter the settings of the module.

Under Basic Options, you can now set the field Count to the quantity of articles you wish to show in the Top rundown. In the sample beneath I have transformed it to 10 articles.



Finally, simply click Save and Close to spare the setting. Presently the Top rundown ought to demonstrate 10 articles rather than 5.


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