PHP Vs Ruby: Who’s The King



Comparing PHP to Ruby in a way is like comparing apples to oranges. PHP is a programming language that is precisely centered to web development. On the other hand, Ruby is a more generalized programming language. In the context of web development, Ruby is synonymous with RoR (Ruby on Rails). While there are other Ruby frameworks, Rails is indeed the ubiquitous one. PHP as well has many frameworks such as FuelPHP, Symfony, Yii, CodeIgniter, Cake and more. 

One good thing about PHP is its ease and fairly shallow learning curve.  You can put up a site quickly, so to create, for example, a comparison engine for insurance quotes only takes a few days.  You’ll be serving quotes in short order.

When you get into PHP for the first time, all you need is just a single HTML web page. Change the file’s extension to .php, insert some <?php //code goes here ?> inline PHP, run it on a PHP server and off you go. It is actually dead simple for a totally fresh programmer to get something usable done and deployed within a couple of minutes. This has always been one among the strengths of PHP and why it is so popular – designers and non-coders can be quite productive right away. Ruby is not that popular and it takes effort to learn.

The simplicity, nonetheless, comes at a cost. It leads to a lot of sloppy unmaintainable code. This makes people to use frameworks that’ll force a given coding standard. The benefit of the simplicity in PHP and shallow learning is actually a big thing to go for and this brings business benefits too: it is easier to find PHP programmers. Conversely, Ruby developers are more expensive and harder to find when you look around. Developers who actually know Ruby tend to be the more hardcore developers.

PHP’s documentation is fantastic as well, as compared to Ruby’s. PHP docs are more helpful than Ruby dos and Rail guides. The user comments really help and there are many example codes that show you how to solve common problems.

As a programming language, Ruby is quite a remarkable language. Unlike PHP, Ruby is object oriented from the ground up. Its code is very brief and powerful. Gems help you to bolt the needed functionality. After coding in Ruby, you’ll find PHP (or any other language) coding rather tedious.

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