In this advance era, you obviously cannot deny the fact now that 4G is already transforming and upgrading. We’re no longer just connected but we can now also work on documents, download large files and stream entire films. The apps and mobile technologies for business also begins to transform how we work, learn and interact with all things professionally. Check out these evidences:

  • Mobile technologies stores all stuff together. Secured and Unlimited.

If there are great services that would keep all our stuff together, that would be Dropbox and Google Drive. It gives you to access to our stuff and documents wherever we go. Other software which are built with the cloud in mind such as MailChimp, Salesforce, and Squarespace can cater all areas of our business with minimal software downloads/ installs.

There is also this Gomo, which is based in the cloud, allowing us to get on with what matters, creating great learning. A team working in Gomo can upload all assets and images in one hit, giving designers a constant resource of assets, saving time and allowing them to create great learning on desktop or tablet, however they want to.

  • Mobile technologies makes work flexible for workers and learners.

As we study and do our work, our minds get more comfortable when we use multiple devices, expecting that we will do much more and become more productive in our tasks by using them.

Many mobile technologies such as Gomo, gives us workers more home working and access while travelling as we aren’t tied down to a specific desktop computer with a paid, 3gb authoring programme installed on it. As for learners, mobile technologies transform their learning from a fixed, scheduled activity to one that is much more fluid, on the job, on the move and collaborative.

Mobile technologies present a lot of opportunities to learning and working practitioners. Not only to connect but to create a better system and motivation to get everything done.

With these overwhelming changes and progress in our lifestyle and workplace, we sure feel the convenience and ease of everything. And as years come to pass by, all continue to take up the next levels of accessibility and the possibility of the impossible.

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