3 Good Alternatives to WordPress



WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems and blogging platforms in the world everyone from Real Estate sites to News Sites to personal blogs use it. It is very popular among personal and business users because of its flexibility, modifications and thousands of themes and plug-ins. However, in spite of the powerful features WordPress offers, you may need another CMS. Here are 3 alternatives to WordPress.

1. ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine provides a flexible platform for publishers. It has several modules, extension and plug-ins that can be used to fully customize your website. The features that attract many businesses and organizations to this CMS include: versatile analytical tracking, in-built spam prevention, and full security. ExpressionEngine is a premium CMS and so there is full support for every module, extension or plug-in.

2. Drupal

Drupal is another popular open source CMS that you can use to design any kind of website from a personal blog to a massive community website. It can also be used to design social networking sites, web directories, corporate blogs and discussion boards. There are thousands of Drupal developers and a massive number of modules and customization options. The important features that attract users to Drupal include: the open source platform, accurate admin tracking, easy addition of polls and forums to create a user community, integrated news aggregator, easy customization, and abundant support from the online community of Drupal users and developers.

3. Habari

This is a free blogging platform with a safe, flexible and well rounded system. It is now commonly referred to as the future of blogging. With one installation, it can accommodate several users and websites. It has a WordPress importer that works with existing WordPress plugins and tagging. It also supports static pages. Habari also has a full-featured dashboard and supports different kinds of databases like PostgreSQL, SQLite and MySQL. There is a very supportive developer community that provides support for users.

Those are three good alternatives to WordPress. Before you choose any of them, make sure you have carefully evaluated your needs and that WordPress does not already have what you are looking for.

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