TobaCamp Announces AARP Discounts

If you are considering a retirement club for auto insurance, discounts, travel, and more, AARP is a great place to turn. In addition to offering great auto insurance, from the Hartford (which is a trusted insurance provider), I have also used many of the great discount programs and listings that continually turn up. Not only is my insurance premium lower than what I paid through an individual insurer prior to transferring, I also have many great discounts, bonus points, and saving options available, for shopping, dining out, travel, and more.

The discounts
I enjoy the AARP membership discount offerings. They are consistently adding new retailers, restaurants, hotels, and airlines to the list, of ways you can save...

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3 Good Alternatives to WordPress

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems and blogging platforms in the world everyone from Real Estate sites to News Sites to personal blogs use it. It is very popular among personal and business users because of its flexibility, modifications and thousands of themes and plug-ins. However, in spite of the powerful features WordPress offers, you may need another CMS. Here are 3 alternatives to WordPress.

1. ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine provides a flexible platform for publishers. It has several modules, extension and plug-ins that can be used to fully customize your website. The features that attract many businesses and organizations to this CMS include: versatile analytical tracking, in-built spam prevention, and full security...

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PHP Vs Ruby: Who’s The King

Comparing PHP to Ruby in a way is like comparing apples to oranges. PHP is a programming language that is precisely centered to web development. On the other hand, Ruby is a more generalized programming language. In the context of web development, Ruby is synonymous with RoR (Ruby on Rails). While there are other Ruby frameworks, Rails is indeed the ubiquitous one. PHP as well has many frameworks such as FuelPHP, Symfony, Yii, CodeIgniter, Cake and more. 

One good thing about PHP is its ease and fairly shallow learning curve.  You can put up a site quickly, so to create, for example, a comparison engine for insurance quotes only takes a few days.  You’ll be serving quotes in short order.

When you get into PHP for the first time, all you need is just a single HTML web page...

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